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Co-founded the company in college in 2005 with his “wombmate”. Lives in the Little Apple (Manhattan, KS) with his wife Holly and their three children: George, Alice, and Emily. Enjoys family time, serving at Grace Baptist Church, and exploring the world.

Enneagram 8

Bryan Elsey

2 minutes older than his brother. Chris often wakes up at 3am in anticipation of finding the next deal. Aspires to develop real estate as fast as the LEGO sets of his youth. Married to fashionista Sarah with 3 kids, Lily, Lacey, and BJ. Laboring to make Jesus' name GREAT.

Enneagram 8 785.317.5265

Chris Elsey

Josh spent his first career in Golf Course Management at places like Pebble Beach and Royal Thimphu (Bhutan). He was the first employee of The Prime Company. Josh loves being with his family, especially sitting around a campfire.

Enneagram 7 785.706.4007

Josh Adrian
VP of Development & People

Marc Welk

Director – Affordable Housing Project Finance

Prime Built

Jeremy Niederwerder

Executive VP of Construction 

Luke has over 10 years of experience managing multifamily construction projects. He enjoys being with his wife and four kids and playing disc golf. Luke has a Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture from Kansas State University.

Enneagram 1 785.477.1979

Luke Schooler

VP of Construction

Ben worked for a commercial general contractor several years in the field. After swapping the work boots for dress shoes, he has found a niche in helping drive value in preconstruction. Living in Manhattan, KS, He and his wife (Cassie), boy (Micah), and dog (bear) enjoy the outdoors, working on their house, and staying active.

Enneagram 1

Ben Flowers

Director of Preconstruction

Edward joined The Prime Company as an estimator after flying Blackhawks for the Army. He has an Accounting Degree from Arizona State University and spends his free time wishing he was at the dojo practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Enneagram 5 785.340.3744

Edward McDonald

Sr. Estimator

Victor spent 10+ years building residential, commercial, industrial, healthcare, hospitality, and public infrastructure for Amazon, Hilton, CBRE & IHG. He holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Pepperdine University. 310.871.5105

Victor Vuong

Project Manager

Jared has worked in data analytics and as a program/systems analyst for Koch Ag and Energy Solutions and Envisage Consulting. He currently lives in Manhattan, KS, with his wife, Michaella. He enjoys board games with friends, playing guitar, reading books, Brazilian jiu jitsu, and spending time with his family.

Enneagram 3 785.347.6655

Jared Pierce 


Harrison grew up surrounded by friends and family in construction, which has fueled his desire to be involved in the construction industry. Along with his wife Emma, he is involved with Grace Baptist Church, and is committed to seeing Christ's kingdom grown on earth.

Harrison Metzger


Young yet sophisticated student with a hint of coffee snobbery, Mike, is studying Construction Management at Kansas State. He was born and raised in Wichita, Kansas and loves viewing God's creation on the occasional visit back home to see family. On the side, he is mastering a NY pizza recipe and enjoying serving the Navigators Student Ministries.

Michael Reimschisel


Prime Management

Ben enjoys spending time with his wife and three kids. They love being outdoors, training for obstacle course races, and watching competitive eating videos. He also enjoys getting beat up at the Dojo with Edward.

Enneagram 6 785.706.4004

Ben Brown
VP of Property Management

Trevor graduated from Oklahoma State University and lives with his wife and four daughters. He loves remodeling his home, dance parties with his family, painting, and ordering multiple beverages at restaurants.

Enneagram 1 785.706.4003

Trevor Gibbons
VP of 3rd Party Management

Mickey graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in Accounting and Finance and worked for over 10 years as a CPA and Notary. He enjoys spending time with his wife, kids, and Jesus, as well as cheering for whatever sports team is currently winning.

Enneagram 3

Mickey Zimmerman

Randy stands head and shoulders above the rest of the office at 6’10”. He likes to spend time with his family and considers himself an expert on western Kansas and all things Mennonite-food related. He is not good at archery.

Enneagram 2 620.873.9000

Randy Friesen
Assistant Controller

Morgyn has over 15 years of experience in the multifamily industry and has worked in multiple markets all over the USA. She currently resides in Kansas City Missouri where she enjoys spending time with her boyfriend, dog Walter, friends, family, traveling, reading and just enjoying life.

Enneagram 2

Morgyn Yearout
Regional Manager

Michael Spare
Regional Manager

Levi graduated with a marketing degree from Kansas State University, and has worked in digital marketing ever since. On nights and weekends, he can be found laughing with his wife, creating music, and drinking all sorts of coffee.

Enneagram 9 785.706.4009

Levi Bailey
Digital Marketing Director

Finds great joy in knocking over cups of water and coffee, especially onto important documents. Loves spreading cat hair throughout the office and generally being evil. Only has two lives left.

Enneagram 10

Hairball Dispenser

Joe Barnett
Facilities Director

Prime Design

Fiona Mathew
Director of Operations

Harry is a Nebraska native, but he graduated from Kansas State University. He enjoys disc golf and spending time with his wife, two kids, and dog. His mere presence solves computer issues.

Enneagram 7 785.706.1265

Harry Staab
Senior Project Manager

Joe graduated from Kansas State University with a Master’s of Architecture. He and his wife Bethaney have three kids. When not in the office, he is somewhere else. 816.294.0849

Joe Stock
Senior Project Manager

Diana Hernandez
Project Manager

Ryan has over nine years of experience in multifamily apartment design. Ryan is a native of Kansas, but has lived in Colorado and Texas. He has a passion for creating mixed use, human scaled places. He lives car free in Manhattan, Kansas and enjoys nerding out about architecture and urban planning, reading, dancing, and biking.

Enneagram 5

Ryan Wilson
Project Manager

Erik Rotramel
MEP Engineer

Emmy earned her Masters in Architecture at K-State and forgot to leave. After years in project management at KSU, she's excited to be designing again. Blessed to have a husband and son that she likes an awful lot.

Enneagram 9

Emmy Chamberlin
Project Architect

Ian received his degree in Interior Design from Kansas State University. He and his wife, Gretchen, have two sons and two yellow labs. He enjoys powerlifting, roasting his own coffee, and home improvement projects on their 1911 Foursquare.

Enneagram 9

Ian Hartsook
Architectural Designer

Alex graduated from K-State with a Masters of Interior Architecture and Product Design. She enjoys cycling, hiking, and hitting up the best doughnut shops around the country.

Enneagram 4

Alex Marschman
Interior Designer

Jacob Kim
Junior Designer

Veronica Elizalde
Senior Project Coordinator

Zain graduated with her Master's Degree from the New Jersey Institute of Technology. She has worked at AECOM and has also taught architecture abroad. In all, she has about 5 years of experience. Being a military family, this has brought her, her husband, and her two young boys to Kansas. In her free time, she loves to make furniture!

Zainab Alaithan
Design Professional

Elizabeth Savage
Project Designer

Maryam Kazemi
Architectural Intern