Advancing the Gospel around the Globe

Since the earliest days of The Prime Company, we’ve focused on sharing the good news of Jesus within our local communities and around the world. We are currently giving millions of dollars away each year for this purpose and are on track to donate 90% of our profits by 2040. Our investors, clients, and employees are partnering with us to support Christian organizations in fulfilling the Great Commission around the globe.

Some of our Partners

Joel Johnson, StuMo

“The Prime Company leads the way in fostering a company culture that prioritizes the Great Commission and the selfless impact of others. This is not merely a value on paper, but a diligent practice that is elevated and lived. In a world that is lacking and looking for hope, partnering with The Prime Company has been a tremendous opportunity to bring that hope to local communities and the world. I am thankful for all of the people at The Prime Company and their sacrificial labor for the cause of Christ and the good of others.”

“It’s Christ-centered strategic partnership with Churches and Mission agencies continue to be instrumental for millions of people to encounter the life changing message of Jesus Christ in remote villages, in cities and in the digital space. Thus, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude for everyone involved at the Prime Company for their labor of love and faithful partnership as we seek to make The JESUS Film and other evangelistic and discipleship media tools available for everyone, everywhere in heart languages.”

Damtew Teklemariam
The Jesus Film Project

Josh Adrian, VP of Development

“I’ve been able to visit some of the organizations we support around the world and see with my own eyes how the work we’re doing at The Prime Company is impacting people. Knowing that the work I do is bigger than a paycheck motivates me to keep growing the business so we can give even more.”

“There is so much joy in giving here. It is not done out of obligation or through clenched fists, but joyfully – and celebrated! As a Christian, this really encourages me to live out my faith and to be generous in my own life.”

Harry Staab, Project Manager

Let’s Give Together

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