Exceptional Property Management

Property owners trust The Prime Company because we’re committed to doing what’s right, even when nobody’s looking. We do what we say we are going to do. We measure our success by the success that our clients experience. That’s why we offer transparent management fees and marketing packages with no upcharges for supplies, technology, or vendor relationships.

We thrive on reducing operating costs without sacrificing quality. We believe in open and honest communication where any question you ask will be answered. If you’re looking for a partner who cares about your success to manage your assets for you, let’s talk!


We all know that without “heads in beds” nothing else we do matters. We are proud that we have maintained over 97% occupancy across our portfolio.


We believe strongly in embracing technology and investing in our team's capabilities, maximizing our return-on-effort in leasing and operations.


By investing heavily in our culture, we’ve built a management team that has seen only four leave since 2006. That level of commitment produces unparalleled results.


Through a combination of digital, operational, and boots-on-the-ground marketing, we ensure that each property is promoted uniquely, not in a one-size-fits-all fashion.

Management Portfolio

The Urban

Columbus, OH | 258 Beds

The Arrow

Minneapolis, MN | 447 Beds

Prime Place Stillwater

Stillwater, OK | 1003 Beds

Prime Place Lincoln

Lincoln, NE | 226 Beds

Prime Place Manhattan

Manhattan, KS | 455 Beds

Oxford Vista

Englewood, CO | 146 Units

Jefferson Flats

Los Angeles, CA |  457 Beds

Scenic Woods

Manhattan, KS | 144 Units

Stadium Walk

Lincoln, NE | 235 Beds

Previous Experience

Stillwater Flats

Stillwater, OK | 172 Beds

“I’m really happy I switched to The Prime Company. My monthly revenue has gone up 20% since they started managing the property! The Prime Place team is easy to work with, they’re great communicators, and they stay on top of things. Plus, they have a heart for missions, which is phenomenal. That’s something that’s very close to my heart.”

– G. Engle,
Owner Scenic Woods – Prime Place Client

Case Study

Proven Success in Difficult Markets

At Oklahoma State, The Prime Company manages 1,000 beds of purpose-built student housing and has operated there since 2013. Unfortunately, from 2013 to 2020, an additional 2,642 beds entered the market, while enrollment decreased 8.5%.

The Prime Company worked diligently during this challenging time to ensure that our assets remained properly positioned relative to our competitors, while putting an intense focus on site team capabilities.

  • 3-8% Rate Increases YOY
  • 97-100% Occupancy


  • 12% Rate Decreases
  • 67% Occupancy

With a history of success in difficult markets, The Prime Company is confident in our ability to out-perform the competition, no matter the market conditions.

Let’s Work Together

For more information about our management services, call Josh Adrian at 785.706.4007

We’re always looking for passionate people to join our team.

Prime Place Team

Ben enjoys spending time with his wife and three kids. They love being outdoors, training for obstacle course races, and watching competitive eating videos. He also enjoys getting beat up at the Dojo with Edward.

Enneagram 6
ben@theprimecompany.com 785.706.4004

Ben Brown
VP of Property Management

Trevor graduated from Oklahoma State University and lives with his wife and four daughters. He loves remodeling his home, dance parties with his family, painting, and ordering multiple beverages at restaurants.

Enneagram 1
trevor@theprimecompany.com 785.706.4003

Trevor Gibbons
VP of 3rd Party Management

Josh spent his first career in Golf Course Management at places like Pebble Beach and Royal Thimphu (Bhutan). He was the first employee of The Prime Company. Josh loves being with his family, especially sitting around a campfire.

Enneagram 7
josh@theprimecompany.com 785.706.4007

Josh Adrian
VP of Development & People

Mickey graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in Accounting and Finance and worked for over 10 years as a CPA and Notary. He enjoys spending time with his wife, kids, and Jesus, as well as cheering for whatever sports team is currently winning.

Enneagram 3

Mickey Zimmerman

Randy stands head and shoulders above the rest of the office at 6’10”. He likes to spend time with his family and considers himself an expert on western Kansas and all things Mennonite-food related. He is not good at archery.

Enneagram 2
randy@theprimecompany.com 620.873.9000

Randy Friesen
Assistant Controller

Morgyn has over 15 years of experience in the multifamily industry and has worked in multiple markets all over the USA. She currently resides in Kansas City Missouri where she enjoys spending time with her boyfriend, dog Walter, friends, family, traveling, reading and just enjoying life.

Enneagram 2

Morgyn Yearout
Regional Manager

Levi graduated with a marketing degree from Kansas State University, and has worked in digital marketing ever since. On nights and weekends, he can be found laughing with his wife, creating music, and drinking all sorts of coffee.

Enneagram 9
levi@theprimecompany.com 785.706.4009

Levi Bailey

Digital Marketing

Finds great joy in knocking over cups of water and coffee, especially onto important documents. Loves spreading cat hair throughout the office and generally being evil. Only has two lives left.

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Hairball Dispenser


Joe Barnett

Facilities Director