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San Francisco / 184 Murphy Beds and Toilet Sinks in the Mission as Proposed

184 Murphy Beds and Toilet Sinks in the Mission as Proposed

Plans to redevelop the used car lot on the northwest corner of South Van Ness Avenue and 15th Street have been drafted. And as proposed, a “group housing” project with up to 184 units of rental housing could rise up to eight (8) stories in height across the Mission District site, assuming a State Density Bonus is approved.

If the density bonus isn’t approved or abandoned, the project as envisioned would still rise up to six (6) stories in height with 138 units.

From Prime Design, the architects of the project which is “intended to have the feeling of openness and community in its design expression”:

“1500 15th street is a project that utilizes the sharing economy embraced by Generation Y as they have popularized Airbnb, Uber, and Gofundme. The project will have bedroom suites surrounding a common community kitchen/lounge/great room on each of its levels for a total building height of [either 58′-0″ (as rendered above) or] 75′-0”.

Each suite will contain a convertible murphy bed, bathroom with shower and toilet/vanity sink combo, compact fridge, bar sink, and microwave.

The shared community area on every floor will have a full size entertainment kitchen and lounge. An accessible bathroom will also be located on each floor.

A rooftop outdoor space will provide exercise equipment and a sundeck lounge for the residents.”

And as proposed, each of the bedroom suites would measure 198 square feet apiece, “providing an affordable private living arrangement for people.” We’ll keep you posted and plugged-in.




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